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Odunlade Adekola showers love on Bukunmi Oluwashina


Nollywood actor, Odunlade Adekola has shown his love and support to his female colleague, Bukunmi Oluwashina. News reports that the actor and producer took to his Instagram page to promote her new single, Happy Girl.

Bukunmi has been trending on Twitter since she released her latest single, Happy Girl featuring American singer, Tatiana Manaois on February 14.

Only few of her colleagues showed her love by promoting her song on their pages, and Odunlade is one of them. He did a repost promoting her song to his millions of followers.

The lengthy post reads,

“HAPPY GIRL just want you to know, That the most painful thing is loosing yourself in the process of loving someone else, Forgetting the fact that “YOU ARE SPECIAL” too. As we celebrate Valentine today, I’M sending out this special gift “HAPPY GIRL” to everyone out there who has loved and lost themselves in the process. Gave their all for nothing in return…. Wipe these tears, look around you. Think about the genuine love you have given out, How much of it have you given to yourself??? You know their favorite color, cook their favorite meal, buy their favorite dress, take them to their favorite place….
When was the last time you cooked your own favorite food? Or bought yourself a gift too? Do they even know your favorite place too?

While we all await the mouth watering Video if Happy Girl, Let’s Enjoy the song as a Valentine Gift from me, to you. To remind you, that YOU ATE SPECIAL TOO. AND HOW YOU LOVE YOURSELF IS HOW YOU TEACH OTHERS TO LOVE YOU”.



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