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Open Letter To Tonto Dikeh By Godson Odims


Silence Is Wisdom, Reckless Tenaciousness Is Folly, Tonto Be Warned.

It has become worrisome the despicable misconduct, false and malicious affronts sponsored and engaged in by Actress Tonto Dikeh against the calm and busy Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Churchill Olakunle, since their divorce in 2016 just after living for 6 months together.

I want to emphatically declare my as position as a Reporter after quite a resolute and indept investigation into the incessant confrontations by the controversial actress against her Ex-Husband.

Tonto I must say that your recent display of infant mentality, even as a young mother may not only have brought discomposure, ignominy, infamy and dishonour to feminism and motherhood, but has also buried the prospects and potentials of the iconic sensation which you were known for abinitio.

First I want to remind you that you are the architect of whatsoever problem that has bedeviled you today, but its practically your business and you don’t have to rope anybody into your misfortune, especially your Ex-Husband.

When all your misplaced and displaced fans/followers read this piece which I have carefully developed, they all will realize that it is true what they say, that the evil that we do, live with us. Today, Tonto Dikeh has become a shadow of herself and it is quite regretful.

You cannot eat your cake and still have it. She has misplaced her self-worth, involved herself in gay relationship with the transgender Bobrisky and is now been move from one prison to the other as a result of her addiction to hard drugs and misconduct in public places.

The question is, Tonto how did you get here? Are u frustrated? Are you the first lady who is divorced? What exactly could be your problem?

Tonto has at every point refused to allow her Ex-husband to breath. Few days ago, a popular international blogger, based in Germany “Stelladimorkurkus” had apologized to Churchill, as she agreed that Tonto Dikeh misled her to put up things against him.

Some bloggers, including top social media influencers confirmed been influenced in cash and in kind by Actress Tonto Dikeh to promote false and libelous contents to discredit the reputable image of her Ex-Husband.


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