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“Please I am very sorry from the depth of my heart” – Kpokpogri publicly begs Janemena’s husband following video of the married dancer at his house


Prince Kpokpogri has tendered an apology letter to Janemena’s husband after a video of the married dancer at his house surfaced.

Kpokpogri wrote;

“A PUBLIC APOLOGY. I woke up this morning feeling very uneasy and decided to say this from the depth of my heart. To the family I respect, love and hold in high regards, I am deeply sorry.

First and foremost, I also want to use this medium to apologize to Jane’s Husband, Mr Andre, it’s an unfortunate incident on how your wife was dragged into this.

You are a good man and I have always commended you for your support towards Jane and her craft multiple times. I deeply apologize over and over again, Mr Andre. We have been family friends for over 3years+ and I hope we still remain friends even after these issues has surpassed

I also want to profusely apologize to Jane’s Parents who are also mine, I am sorry that I brought these upon the family unknowingly, Jane has always hated social media drama and doesn’t want to involve herself which a lot of persons can testify.

To the entire family, I am deeply sorry. Please do find a place in your hearts-of-hearts to forgive me. My relationship with your family has been nothing but Beautiful, Peaceful and I hope it remains this way with your forgiveness I truly don’t deserve.”



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