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“Pregnancy Will Humble You” Actress Mosun Filani Reacts To Her Shocking Pre-Natal Photo, Prays For All Mothers


Mosun Filani Oduoye, a Nollywood actress, has posted a picture of herself pregnant on social media as she prays for all mothers and expectant mothers.

The pregnancy challenge is presently popular on social media, and the actress took advantage of the opportunity to expose her shocking pre-natal photo to her admirers.

Pregnancy humbled her, she said when sharing the photo on Instagram, because the change and transformation that occurs with the process is amazing and unpredictable.

She represented the different changes a woman is expected to face before marriage, pre-natal, and post-natal periods in a shared photo, appreciating the effect of pregnancy.

She did, however, emphasize that she got bigger during her pregnancy, particularly in the nose and lips.

She goes on to say how much she admires mothers who have gone through that difficult stage as well as those who are presently going through it.

“Even me sef I shock

8months and a week gone in that pics.

Pregnancy will humble u.

The kind of changes ur body will experience is so unpredictable.

God bless all mothers.

We shall live to enjoy the fruits of our labour.” she wrote.



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