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“Pure ounje oshi ni”- Fans, colleagues reacts as Toyin Adewale trys out Sushi for the first time


Nigerian actress Toyin Adewale has caused a stir on social media after trying out Sushi for the first time.

The veteran actress shared a video of herself on her Instagram page, trying out the Japanese delicacy, Sushi, and her reaction has generated reactions from fans and colleagues.

In the video, Toyin Adewale seemed to have expected, but Toyin Adewale was left disappointed with the taste.

Toyin Adewale was seen taking a piece of the sushi, added soy sauce and put it in her mouth. She spat it out almost immediately stating in the Yoruba language that: “It’s not sweet, it’s not peppery.” She concluded that she will never try to eat Sushi again.

Sharing the video, she wrote, ” Trying Sushi for the first time…never again🙈😄😄😄 Kodun Kota 😄😄
Lovelies Trust your Saturday is going on fine 😊 #thankyoujesus🙏🙏🙏 #mumcymayortohset💕💕💕 #graceisallisee👀👀🙏🙏🙏.”

Reacting to the post, fans and colleagues flooded the comment section with various reactions.

One fan wrote, “As expensive as it is. Something’s ain’t just right for some of us. I vehemently hate sushi. Kaada fun salmo fish.”

Another one wrote, ” pure ounje oshi ni sushi yen”

Another one wrote, ” As in the day I tried this sushi’s thing 😂😂😂 I sha manage shallow the first bite ..😂😂😂😂

Another one wrote, ” Aunty, it’s the sauce but when you eat the sushi without the sauce, you will like it ma. I eat sushi without the sauce coz I don’t like the sauce”

Another one wrote, ” It’s not really bad try eating it sis without the sauce ..I eat it at the Last Chinese restaurant I went..it was nice”

Another one wrote, ” Hold your breath ma’am & swallow ham 😂 we can’t waste 💰, soy sauce and we consume data only for you to purge out 😂! @asmau111_ zo ki ga sushi 🍱 😂

Some of her colleagues in the entertainment industry also joined in the conversation, with actress Debbie Shokoya writing, “So Cold Afi Bi Imu Aja😂 Never Trying It Again I Tried Once” while fellow actress Adunni Ade commented, “Try it without the sauce Ma’am.”

Watch the video below:


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