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Rauf Aregbesola charges Acting CG of NIS to perform dutifully


The Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola has been presented the Acting Controller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), CGI Idris Jere, by the Civil Defence, Corrections, Fire, Immigration Service Board (CDCFIB).

He stated that the acting CG will hold the office, following the pulling out yesterday of the former CG Muhammad Babandele, noting that the essence of having a formal organisation is to have order, including of succession and to keep an organization running smoothly and efficiently during the transition period.

Revealing why Jere was selected as the Acting CG, Aregbesola said, “The choice of Jere as the Acting CG is natural and easy, being the most senior officer on the roll. But given his pedigree, he fits the bill. He has put in 34 years of service and has been at the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) all his working life. He is therefore an embodiment of the institution.

“He joined the service in 1987 patiently and steadily rose through the ranks to be appointed Deputy Controller General in 2018. In between, he has held positions as Passport Control Officer and Deputy Controller General in charge of Finance and Accounts. I have no doubt he will pull his weight duringthe time he will hold the fort at NIS.”

He stated that leadership is service, and the Acting CG must take responsibility towards the men and women he lead and even greater responsibility towards the government and good people of Nigeria.

Aregbesola urged Jere not to be bothered that he is in the acting capacity, but do the required job that he needed from him, saying,

The primary responsibility of your office is to lead the NIS to provide security at the Nigerian borders. Under your watch, no person should come in from outside with the intention to harm our country in any way. It is important also that you ease the passage of persons that will add value to our country. You will maintain the delicate balance of stopping the bad guys and attracting the good guys.

He wished Jere success on his new position, calling on officers of the NIS to cooperate with and assist him in all ramifications.

The Minister assured that the ministry and government will give unalloyed support



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