Reasons for relationship failure has being a topic worth discussing due to the failure that arises in so many relationships today.

Everyone wants to get the right partner for themselves and settle down, but we need to talk about the reason for relationship failure and break up.

What are the major reasons for such cases, below we shall be discussing briefly about the reason for relationship  failure which are not meant to be comprehensive but deals with the most common cause of relationship failure.

1. Trust Issues

When there is lack or loss of trust trust in a relationship, it brings both partners close to the end of such relationship. Without the so called trust, the relationship is said to lose two vital keys which are: Safety and Security.

Some of the reason behind trust issues can be jealousy, emotional infidelity, physical infidelity, lack of reliability and dependability, absence of financial compatibility.

2. Difference in Expectation

Mark Twain said;

“Never allow someone to be your priorities while allowing yourself to be their option”

At the beginning of a relationship there is this thing that draws to people together we can call it it physical attraction, personality drive, common interests, socio-economic background.

As time flies the partners may see their expectations turn out to be different, as they begin to their life plan to be “What I want” instead of “What we want”. Let your expectations be in accordance and supportive goals a one lane drive which will lead to a successful relationship.

3. Moving through in Different Pace.

Let me brief on this by saying “the stagnancy of one partner may lead to the failure of a relationship”.

The reason being that when a partner is advancing in her or her carrier while the other kids stagnant at home is one of the major cause of Reason for relationship failure. It is important for both parties to be moving forward in life to promote the professional and social circle.

4. Communication Issues

This can be said to be the big one. Numerous research and studies have identified lack of communication being one of the top reasons for relationship saga.

According to Dr. John Gottman he said;

“The single, best predictor of divorce is when one or both parties shows contempt(opposite of respect) in a relationship”

A contemptuous communication is like a poisonous venom which destroys the health and well-being of a good relationship.

It is better to be “soft on our partners and tough on the issue” rather than doing the verse versa.

5. Avoid Relational Abuse 

Relational abuse is said to be defined as the continuous mistreatment of an individual. Some examples of relational abuse are: verbal, emotional and physical abuse.

Also being in a long term relationship, “grown apart” should be avoided which is as a result of lack of commitment, lack of compatibility, and trust.

6. Money Issues

A relationship which ends up in marriage should not have financial incompatibility. A relationship that is long lasting should expect a financial  challenge and not allow such case to occur.

The expectation of a problem should not mean you must embrace the problem


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