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See reason why this Nigerian man wants to leave his girlfriend


A Nigerian man has taken to the popular forum Nairaland to express his plans to leave his girlfriend.

According to the man, they are both in love with each other but she has been spending more time online with another guy she once told she was not interested in.

She recently left him hanging on chat to speak with the other man at length. He decided to confront her over the issue, only for her to tell him she needs some weeks break, so he is contemplating leaving her.

Read his story:

My girlfriend and I have being together for almost three years now. We’ve had all the moments the good ,the bad and the ugly.

But recently she met a guy who asked her out, she refused his advances but the guy and her spend so much time on calls and chatting which I don’t really like.

I’ve talked to her so many times about it but if she listens for a week the next week they are back in business.

Last week we were chatting and she just went offline I tried calling her to know what’s up only for her number to be busy for like 20 mins. When she came back online and I told her she said she wasn’t on call with anyone.

When I probed her further she said she wanted a two weeks break that I complain too much and I don’t trust her.

I apologized to her so peace could reign but since then I’ve started losing interest in her.


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