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“She sounds and looks like Cardi B” – Little girl performs Cardi B’s song ‘money’, demonstrates like singer (Video)


A little girl has left netizens astonished as she performs Cardi B’s song ‘money’ at a party for children.

In the captivating video clip shared, the girl was so energetic as she performed like she owned the song.

Other kids watched her with full concentration while she performed in the video. Netizens reacting in the comments section were amazed at how she was able to get the lyrics correctly.

Some internet users noted that she looks very much like Cardi B.

@Philly Ora reacted: “No ones talking bout the fact that she looks like cardi b.”

@Queen Debbie reacted: “Whatt! did her parents really let her practice dis song at home.”

@iolantheisaac added: “The way I was scared when I heard the beat and was praying she won’t say the lyrics.”

Watch the video below


Na wa o 💀

♬ original sound – Al Demo Diary


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