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“Souls being sold out here” Korede Bello talks about the price of fame


Famous Nigerian Singer, Korede Bello has started a discussion about the high price people are paying for fame.

The ‘Godwin’ crooner took to his social media page to claim that people are selling their souls for fame.

In his words ;

“The price of fame is at an all time high. Souls being sold out here.”

Some fans are ever of the opinion that he is bring up the ‘conspiracy theory’ because he has fallen off the fame radar.

One fan wrote ;

Mr conspiracy theorist ,korede, invariably making an excuse for his fading fame. Cashing in on illuminati conspiracy theory . Ode. Souls are never sold. You either choose the right hand path or left hand path . If the “” souls are been sold here” means choosing the left hand path , then I will agree with you. Choosing the left hand path means morally wrong , I am not insinuating any superstition beliefs in joing secret dark occult society before getting fame. Perhaps korede should share more details or elaborate on his assertion

Another wrote ;

Sharap and work hard.. which mumu soul dem de sell? Same way idiots see young successful men and assume it’s yahoo or rituals.



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