Home NEWS Two Nigerians arrested in India for r3ping a tech woman

Two Nigerians arrested in India for r3ping a tech woman


Two Nigerians, simply identified as Tony and Ubaka, have been arrested in India on charges of r3ping a woman in her late 20s, who works at a software company in Bengaluru.

According to the Karnataka police, the victim was dating Tony before the alleged r3pe on 29 August.

Tony is 35 and Ubaka, 36.

The alleged r3pe took place when Tony invited the victim from Andhra Pradesh to his house, Daijiworld reports.

The victim and Tony partied that night and allegedly had s3x, the Karnataka police added.

After waking up she found the other accused Ubaka also n3ked on the bed next to her.

She found that both Tony and Ubaka had s3x with her when she fell unconscious.

The woman in her complaint said Ubaka had tried to befriend her many times. However, she ignored him, the police said.

On the day of the incident, Ubaka was present when the victim visited Tony’s house following which she became furious. Her boyfriend Tony and Ubaka then pacified her and the three partied afterwards, the police added.

The victim befriended Tony on social media and they had common friends.

Ubaka too, tried to befriend the victim but refused. When she spoke to Tony about it, he too, ignored the matter, sources said.



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