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Veteran actor, Saint Obi is dead after prolonged illness


Nollywood actor, film producer, and director, Obinna Nwafor better known as Saint Obi is dead.

The actor was said to have died on Sunday, last week, May 7th in the home of one of his siblings.

According to reports, the disagreement between his siblings is the reason why his death took almost a week to be made official.

Saint Obi is aged 57 years.

As of now, no official statement has been released, and it seems that Saint Obi’s sister, Mrs. Felicia Jofu, is deliberately keeping details about his passing under wraps. The status of communication with his ex-wife, Lydia, remains uncertain.

An anonymous local resident had spotted Saint Obi, whom they recognized from his acting career, multiple times before his death on Sunday. The following day, his body was taken to the morgue at JUTH. The actor had recently moved to his sister’s home in Jos, the capital of Plateau State, and was frequently seen being taken to the hospital.

A source from JUTH also confirmed that Saint Obi was often seen at the hospital. Obinna Nwafor, better known as Saint Obi, was a renowned actor hailing from Imo State. The reasons for withholding the news of his death from the public are not yet clear, but OduNews.com has confirmed from multiple sources that the beloved actor has indeed passed away.


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