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“We Know We Are Related” – Man Marries His Sister, Births Four Children With Her


A couple identified as Paulin and Dorica have revealed in an interview that they are siblings.

They also disclosed that they are aware about being related biologically but got married to each other regardless.

Paulin, a 28-year-old man revealed that he and his sister, Dorica got separated from their parents during a war that occured in Bunia, DR Congo when they were kids.

They both escaped to Miti without any signs of their parents or relatives.

When the war ended, Paulin revealed that he went back to Bunia in search of their parents but he couldn’t find any trace of them or any relative at all.

After his unsuccessful search for his parents, Paulin decided to face reality and go back to Miti to be with his sister.

The siblings were both left heartbroken after finding no trace of their parents which was why Paulin suggested the marriage between him and his sister.

His reason for the bizarre decision was that it would help them to preserve their family lineage since they were presumably the only survivors.

His sister revealed that she thought about it for many days before finally agreeing to it and they got married.

They have been living together since then and have birthed four children from the relationship.

The couple also made it clear that they would continue to live together and have no regrets whatsoever over their actions and decisions.


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