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“We need you to be strong for us”- Funke Akindele sparks reactions after sharing message on depression


Nollywood actress Funke Akindele recently sparked a wave of reactions and heartfelt messages after sharing a post on social media addressing the topic of depression.

Her message resonated with many, prompting an outpouring of support and encouragement from fans and followers.

In her post, Funke Akindele shared an emotional take on the reality of depression and the value of being kind to others.

She tweeted: “Depression is real. Please be kind to others. Yes, don’t trade your happiness with anything, but still, be humane in all you do.

“We are all on a journey in this world. Be conscious. Be aware. Share. Make peace. Take risks and be grateful for success and victory. Yet be aware, love, forgive, and stay happy.”

Reacting, many followers took to Funke’s comment section to express concern about her tweet, asking if she was fine.

Below are some of their tweets:

@abayomiibitunde: Hope you are doing fine, Funke? Please be fine. Be free to discuss with trustworthy folks if you need to unburden. Be fine.”

@dreychino: “Big mummy. I hope you are fine. We need you to be strong for us! Keep loving you ma.”

@now14128311: How much have you lost for the election that makes you depressed, madam? Better days ahead, and keep your head up.”

@DikeKelechi6: “I’m sending healing to everyone going through difficult times. May your burden be lessened in Christ’s name. Amen.”

@Omotolanidowu: “Many are going through a lot but don’t have the right people on their end to spill it out to, if you’re that person, please take a deep breath and say to yourself everything is going to be fine. Go out and refresh your memories. Life is too short. Please move on.”


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