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“We Used To Look Forward To Christmas, Things Have Changed Now”- Film Producer, Kunle Afolayan Laments


Veteran film producer, Kunle Afolayan, has noted that people used to look forward to Christmas celebration but this year own is different because things have changed.

Afolayan in a recent interview stated that people no longer have bond  with Christmas celebration unlike before.

In his words;

” We all used to look forward to Christmas. But in this age and time, things have changed a little bit. I don’t have much bond to it. It’s just another holiday, and maybe a period to spend time with family, maybe travel with them. It’s not the Christmas that I experienced growing up. You won’t see people now killing chicken in the open anymore. And of course the carols that we used to do then, it’s not what they have now. That’s why with this film, I try to create the carols of that period. I really enjoyed the experience” he told NetflixQueue while sharing about ‘A Naija Christmas’.

Speaking further, he stated that filmmaking is not just a source of livelihood but like blood that flows in his veins.

His words;

”Filmmaking is like the blood that flows in my veins. If blood stops flowing, it means I’m dead. Film is not just a means of livelihood to me. And it’s not just a work of art. For me, it gets my blood pumping. Right now, I’m even more challenged. If the likes of Spielberg, Scorsese, and Tunde Kelani are still out there making films, then who am I to feel like I’ve achieved or arrived? It’s just the beginning”.



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