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Why Adunni Ade was called in public over Murphy’s N250,000 debt- Islamic clerics, Alfulanny explain


Nollywood actress Adunni Ade found herself in the spotlight after being publicly called out over an alleged debt of N250,000 by the burial committee of late actor Murphy Afolabi.

The incident sparked curiosity and speculation, prompting Islamic clerics Alfulanny who called her out provide insight into the reasons behind such a public call-out.

Recalls that Adunni Ade had been publicly called out for allegedly owing late actor, Murphy Afolabi.

During his 8-day Fidau Prayer held in his honor, his burial committee called out the actress for being indebted to Murphy Afolabi.

The committee claimed that Adunni Ade owed Murphy Afolabi N250,000 before his death.

They urged her to return the money.

“Adunni Ade please return the N250,000 that you are owing the Late Murphy Afolabi”.

After facing considerable backlash, Alfulany clarified his actions by stating that, according to Islamic principles, anyone who owes a debt to the deceased is obligated to settle it. Similarly, the family of the deceased is responsible for settling any outstanding debts owed by the deceased to others.

The clerics further clarified that the public call-out was not meant to embarrass or shame Adunni Ade but rather to seek resolution and adherence to the principles of honesty and integrity of Islaatch him speaks below:


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