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Why my brother Linc Edochie stopped acting – Yul Edochie opens up


Popular Nollywood Actor, Yul Edochie, has opened up on the reason his elder brother, Linc Edochie, left the nigerian movie industry.

Linc and Yul are the most popular children of Pete Edochie, a pioneer in the Nollywood industry.

Some of Linc’s acting credits include The Principalities, Victim, Family Regardless, Ghost Lovers, The Manipulator, Royal Revenge, The Graduates, Royal Love, The Millions Men, and Scratched.

Linc Edochie is married to Amaka Paula, and the couple has two children, Janinah and Giovanni. The couple owns and operates an educational institution in Abuja called ABH Academy.

In a recent interview with The New Telegraph, Yul Edochie was asked to speak on why his brother stopped acting, also on if he plans to quit Nollywood too, and what life was like growing up with his father.

On why Linc stopped acting, Yul said:

“Yeah, Linc started before me. He started like a year before I got in but later left to do something else. So, I would say we all have our own destiny.”

Speaking on if he plans to quit acting soon and what the future holds for him in Nollywood, Yul Edochie said:

“No, I am not even thinking about that. Never! I studied Theatre Arts and I took my time to read this so I didn’t just get in. I have a passion for acting and I have a passion for directing but I don’t have a passion for producing.

So, if I want to do my own films like right now I am planning on doing my own films, I am going to get a producer who is very good with that. Pay the producer to run everything but he’s going to be professional. So, I won’t say because it’s my film let me do everything, then I will mess it up.”

Yul also spoke on growing up with Nollywood icon, Pete Edochie, as his father.

His words;

“It feels good. Growing up was really good with him as a father. He is extremely strict, but I thank God that He gave me a father like that. I couldn’t have wished for a better father. He is a strict catholic, so a lot of things I know today I learnt because of my background. Like I told you, I would rather die than dope. Kill me but I won’t dope and that’s how my father is.

My father made us to understand that it is better to have a good name. Good name will get you riches and everything you need. That’s the kind of family I was raised in, and my mum too is very strict. There wasn’t much money then to throw around but we grew up loving God and each other.”


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