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Woman narrates how armed robbers killed her husband in their home


A woman has narrated how armed robbers killed her husband in their home in Lagos, in a robbery incident that lasted for several hours on Friday.

While speaking with The Nation, the woman who just gave birth, mentioned that despite the long duration of the robbery incident, the Police never showed up.

According to residents, the hoodlums forced their way into the gated compound by using a sledgehammer to break the keys before entering Ike’s house from the backdoor. Ike was said to have been sleeping when the criminals entered his flat.

The widow said that she was the one who first noticed an intruder had gained access into their home and she alerted her husband.

“My husband sells gas. We were sleeping when I started hearing noise. I woke up to check and saw there was a man wearing black who has entered our house from the back door. I quickly alerted my husband that it was an armed robber and he woke up with sleepy eyes. No, he did not struggle with the man at all. As the man saw him, he shot him in the chest,” she said.

“I was already hiding the children when I heard my husband scream that he has been shot in the chest. So, I rushed out and dragged him. We were running through the other door not knowing that there were other robbers by the gate. When we saw them, I ran to another direction and my husband followed another road but they caught him and were beating him. They led him back to the building.

I was hiding until around 5am when I came out and I saw my husband lying face down in our house. That was when I shouted for help and our neighbours came out. We rushed him to P&G Hospital but they referred us to General Hospital. It was at the General Hospital that the police came and took him. I did not know my husband was dead by that time because I was telling the police that he should be in the hospital where they can take care of him and not at the police station.

“But they did not answer me. They told me to go home and later, they asked for my husband’s brother’s number which a neighbour gave them. It was when he came that I was later told my husband had died. This robbery lasted for many hours but police did not come. It was after the death that they later came to my house to see where the armed robbers entered from. It was later I learnt that they also attacked three flats in our compound and that they shot Mr. Ben in the stomach,” she said.

Asked if the robbers stole anything from their flat, Mrs. Ike said they took their phones and a cash sum of about N20,000 she kept in the house


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