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Yoruba Actor, Kunle Afod Reveals The Major Thing He Has Enjoyed As A Celebrity


There is no doubt that been a celebrity gives you so many opportunities that others might not get, and it is possible it’s not everyone who will enjoy the same privilege as you.

Popular Nigeria celebrity and actor while having a chat with THE NATIONS, revealed the major thing he has enjoyed as a celebrity.

The actor and movie director, said been a celebrity has been of great blessings to him, because it has given him the opportunity to gain much more access to top personalities, which is hard for non celebrities to meet.

The actor who has spent more than three decades in the industry said, this status of being a celebrity has helped me mix with the Elites, Kings and top personalities and that is a major opportunity I can say I’ve enjoyed as a popular personality.

Even when I queue with others to see a top personality, I will be beckoned on, that I’m a celebrity and shouldn’t be on the queue.

He ended his chat with THE NATIONS by giving an advice to the younger generations, that they should stay away from drugs because it has a lot of effect on their future and also make sure they are focused and dedicated.



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