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Yoruba Actress Jumoke Odetola Celebrate Her Lookalike Mother’s Birthday As She Turn A Year Older Today (Photos)


Mothers are special beings who ensure the welfare of their children. They make several sacrifices for their kids to be successful in life. The role of a mother in someone’s life cannot be jettisoned because they are treasures that should enjoy all the good things of life. It has also been observed that mothers are closer to their last children compared to other kids. They showered them with goodies as being their last babies. There is even a notion that last children are spoilt because of the preferential treatment received from their parents.

In the Nollywood movie industry, we are blessed with celebrities who are ready to flaunt their loved ones on social media. We have movie personalities who have beautiful mothers. In this article, we will discussing popular Yoruba Actress, Jumoke Odetola who is celebrating her mother’s birthday today, May 20, 2021.

In a recent post on her official Instagram page, Actress Jumoke Odetola shared adorable pictures of her mother to celebrate her birthday. She showered encomiums on her mother in the recent post. She also disclosed she is the last child of her mother and asked if she acts like a last child.

In caption;

Happy birthday to God’s greatest blessing to me- My mother ❤️
Your virtues and lifestyle have moulded me to who I am today.You didn’t just tell me who I should be, you showed me through your lifestyle.
I watched you as a child, but I didn’t know that was your way of teaching & moulding me to be strong, independent, hardworking, live a virtuous life, follow my dreams, be myself, be kind and never to walk in the path that would break or bring others down. Thanks Maama for bringing me up in the way of the Lord.You are the best Mum in the whole world, and I pray you shall live in good health to eat the fruit of your labour. I am proud to call you my mother.PS: Did you know I am the ‘last born’?
Do I exhibit traits of a typical last child?
Se mo baje?😅😅 (Question not meant for my sisters 🙄)



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