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“You Are a Good woman” -Fans Hails Actress Toyin Abraham as she Takes her step daughter Temitope To London for Vacation (photos)


Toyin Abraham shared a photo of herself and Temitope in England on Instagram with the caption “Holiday Mode Activated.” Temitope also shared the photo with the caption “Holiday in London.

We are in the holiday season, and different families choose to celebrate it in different ways. While some people celebrate the holiday season at home, some decide to travel to their hometowns and some others travel to other nations for the holiday.


When Toyin Abraham married Kolawole, he already had a child, Temitope, but it is difficult for anyone to realize that Toyin is not the mother of the lovely girl because she treats her as her own.


Many colleagues and fans praised the gesture, naming them “Mother and Daughter” with sweet emojis.
The two of them even wore the same hairdo, and it’s incredible to see how lovely they are together. They were in Dubai last year and are now in London this year, such a fortunate family.




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