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You walk and smile like my late friend – Nigerian Father tells his son, doubts his paternity (Read Story)


Different surveys and online records have it that Nigeria leads the rest of the world in cases relating to paternity fraud and with stories as these, one can’t help but find truth in these statistics.

A 24-year-old Nigerian man took to social media to confirm his fears after his father made some awkward statements which has got him thinking. According to the man identified as Deji, his father stared hard at him one day and said “Deji you Walk and smile like my long late friend Omole back in the days, you also have facial expression of his”. Deji who was caught off balance was jaw-dropped shocked at this subtle revelation.

The puzzled man further revealed that his dad has always had resentments towards his mother whom he snatched from his old time late friend, Omole…man doesn’t know he’s snatched a baby as well *takes cover*

See the full story below:


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